Common mixer grinder problems and their repair

The mixer grinder is an electric kitchen appliance that helps you grind dry ingredients into a fine powder. It is a versatile and ubiquitous kitchen appliance. Mixer grinders are handy household appliances, but there is a catch: they are highly prone to problems. But you can easily fix many issues all by yourself.

There are some common problems of mixer grinders and some methods to solve them. This article describes how to maintain your mixer grinder and how to solve common problems.

Leaking Jars

A leaking mixer grinder is very common, and when there is no proper maintenance and usage, this problem can arise. It is very frustrating to have your mixer leak all over the kitchen as you make your favorite dish, but before you throw away your mixer grinder, remember that you can always fix it!

Some of the common reasons for the grinder leaking from the jar are:

1. The gasket is damaged or worn and is not sealing the jar properly.

2. The jar is cracked or has a hole in it.

3. The blade is broken or has fallen out of place.

The jar is one of the essential parts of a mixer grinder and generally has a long lifespan. However, you will need a replacement and can easily find one from a hardware store if you are still facing problems with your jar.

Stuck Buttons

Nearly every mixer grinder has at least one stuck button. This isn’t very pleasant when you are trying to grind or mix something and the button sticks at the end. In most cases, if the switch is stuck, turn off and unplug the mixer grinder and clean the buttons properly with an old toothbrush. While cleaning the product, be careful not to damage the wiring since it is not easily visible. If the product is cleaned and still not working, contact the manufacturer.

Slow-Moving Blades

You’ve probably noticed how your mixer grinder’s blades sometimes move slower or faster than usual. This may be because of the old age of the machine or because of some other reason. The blades inside our mixers and grinders face a lot of wear and tear. If they are being used for years, these blades might have become dull. This dullness results in the blades getting stuck. This problem is prevalent when the blades are not moving at their full potential. The reasons for the slow-moving of mixer grinder blades are

1. If the mixer grinder is old, the blades can get slow due to clogging of the blades. But, this can be fixed too, so you don’t need to worry. Just remove the blade assembly carefully and put it in soapy water. Scrub the parts properly and reassemble the blade assembly. You’ll notice a change in the speed of the blades.

2. Another reason for the blades’ lack of movement is the lack of movement of the motor. Lack of oil in the motor can be one of the reasons behind this. You need to change the oil and lubricate the motor. It will be able to work appropriately after lubricating.